to beginner,
civil, cultural,
not vulgar,
very sexual.
Ready to support
in training
in good services.
Ready to support
morally in any
new undertakings.


Young Frau Lola from Germany, officially self-employed person,
officially registered individual enterprise rendering
of services erotic character, invite
girl's - Colleges for joint official work on rendering erotic services
in Private — Apartments.

Payment terms of working apartments -
50/50 from daily takings on a result of working day.
In case of lack of daily takings – free living.
There are no financial risks and expenses.
Shift schedule: 2-3 weeks working/ 2-3 weeks vacation.

Individual living room with free satellite TV, free Internet,
free home telephone number. Individual working furnished room,
individual douche with a toilet, partial using of kitchen.

Invite girl's - Colleges. No matter knowledge of German, accommodation country,
nationality, citizenship. The main is - desire to work, be sexual
and existence of full and high-quality service.

The work isn't advertised in Internet, for persons appreciating confidentiality.

Official safety work. Our clients are married, cultural, intelligent, accurate, generally businessmen.
External video control on a landing and outdoors.
In Germany erotic character work is legal and protected by the law.